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"How to get Medi-Cal coverage for your nursing home care... without selling your home or leaving your family without a dime... Surprising ways to pay for your assisted living and long term care costs."

Elder Law Today Newsletters: Estate Planning


Written by California Elder Law and Estate Planning Attorney Michael J. Young

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Newsletters: Estate Planning

Medi-Cal and the Home: Avoiding California's Recovery System - In 1993, the California legislature allowed the State Department of Health Services’ Recovery Unit to beef up its ability to recover Medi-Cal assets expended by the State for nursing home beneficiaries. The result has been that California has become one of the most aggressive States in this regard. Click Here to read entire newsletter.

Use of the Financial Durable Power of Attorney in Estate Planning - One of the most important legal documents comprising an estate plan is the Financial Durable Power of Attorney.(Financial DPA) This document, which can be signed by anyone age 18 or older, (the Principal) allows another person (the Agent) to handle all of the Principal’s financial..... Click Here to read entire newsletter.

A Wonderful Gift to Parents of Baby Boomers - The “graying of America” is in full force. A “Baby Boomer”, of which I am one, turns 50 every 71/2 seconds. And, people are living longer than ever before. By the time adults reach the age of 85, one out of every two requires nursing home care. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of.... Click Here to read entire newsletter.

Protection of the Home Under the Deficit Reduction Act (D.R.A.) - On February 8, 2006, President Bush signed into legislation the 776 page Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 which includes Medicaid eligibility and nursing home coverage regulations we previously wrote about. The new legislation requires that the states bring their laws into conformance with..... Click Here to read entire newsletter.

What Happens if We Don't Die? Mr. and Mrs. Wopsle. I recently met with a very nice couple who are in their mid eighties. I will call them Mr. and Mrs. Wopsle for convenience purposes. The Wopsles have four children and numerous grand children. The Wopsles..... Click Here to read entire newsletter.

What Happens if We Don't Die? Vol. 2 Americans are living longer all the time. According to statistics, each generation lives longer than the previous generation. This could be the result of improved living conditions and advances in medicine. There is a theory of geriatrics that we are “made” to live to be around 135 years old..... Click Here to read entire newsletter.

My Client "The Wave" Holding Court - Holding Court: My estate planning client, Mrs. Nickleby, (not her real name) who is 86 years old, came into my office with her two “boys” both in their 50’s. Mrs. Nickleby commenced holding court with her sons and myself. She was very specific about her requests and desires for her remaining..... Click Here to read entire newsletter.

Durable Powers of Attorney for Financial Affairs What is a durable power of attorney for financial affairs? We have many inquiries in our office regarding durable powers of attorney, what they are, and how they work. Our financial durable power of attorney is entitled DURABLE POWER OF ATTORNEY FOR MANAGEMENT OF PROPERTY AND..... Click Here to read entire newsletter.

Why a Pre-Chrisis Family Meeting With Children and Their Older Parents is Critical When my parents became older and started to have health issues some years ago, my mother insisted that we have a family meeting. My parents lived in Oakmont, which is a retirement village close to Santa Rosa. My siblings and I dreaded this meeting, but we drove up from Walnut Creek and had a meeting with my parents in their den...... Click Here to read entire newsletter.

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