9 Steps to Peace of Mind for the Parkinson’s Family

 Parkinson’s Disease has affected all kinds of people. Pope John Paul II. Michael J. Fox. Even Hitler. But you don’t need to be advanced in age or even genetically predisposed to suffer from Parkinson’s Disease. It’s not inher­ited. And it’s not just confined to seniors. But most people tend to suffer in isolation due to the embarrassment it causes.

 You may have a loved one in your family, who you suspect of having Parkinsons disease. This disease can have many devastating consequences, which go beyond the obvious physical and psychological strains. Many of these consequences can include financial and legal grief.

People with Parkinsons disease and their families are concerned about future medical costs and the possible loss of assets, including the home and savings, etc. We are always encouraging families and their loved ones to address their legal issues that NEED TO be addressed as soon as possible, even when the disease is merely suspected, and not necessarily diagnosed. In my workshops, I talk about the long term planning that is needed for this disease.  I remind people at the workshops that when you are out of  money, you are out of options. As an elder law attorney, I see this all too many times in my practice, particularly the desire to do something very late in the game, which can make planning much more difficult. 

To help you in this regard, I have prepared a white paper entitled:

“9 Steps to Peace of Mind for the Parkinson’s Family”.

If you would lilke to obtain a copy of this pamphlet, please contact our office at 925-256-0298, or send an e-mail to, requesting a copy.

            By, Michael J. Young elder law attorney in Walnut Creek, CA.

            Mr. Young is an elder law attorney who practices in the east bay. His office is in Contra Costa County, located at 1931 San Miguel Dr., Ste. 220, Walnut Creek, CA. Mr. Young has East Bay elder law clients who live in such towns as Brentwood, Antioch, Concord, Alamo, Walnut Creek, etc.  Many of his clients are concerned about how they will pay for their nursing home costs. Mr. Young prepares long term care plans for his clients, which may include utilizing Medi-Cal and the Veterans Administration Aid and Attendance Benefit for wartime veterans. 925-256-0298


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