Finding Support For Alzheimer’s Patients:

If you are taking care of a loved one who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, you are probably overwhelmed. You of course will need help. At the Law Offices of Michael J. Young in Walnut Creek, CA,, we suggest that our families begin by taking small steps.

One of the first steps I would take is to start to become educated about the disease by checking out the Alzheimer’s Association website  By reading the material on this website, you will become informed about what Alzheimer’s is, how the brain works, and what to expect regarding symptoms and preferred treatments.

The site will also show you where the local Alzheimer’s Association offices are. Through these offices, you can sign up for support groups and learning centers. One thing that you will become aware of is that you are not alone! Through the Alzheimer’s Association website, you can check out early-stage support groups, and become involved in them. You will gain peace of mind through this wonderful organization.

You of course can also obtain individual support through the clergy, home health agencies and private counseling.

The next step you should take is to make sure you have your “Ducks in a Row” from a legal perspective. Did you know that you can incorporate asset protection and government benefits planning into your estate planning documents, that will be effective even if there is a diagnosis of dementia? Your loved one may have to go to a nursing home at some point, which is extremely expensive if you have used up your Medicare days and have to pay privately. Fortunately, California still has the Medi-Cal system to pay for nursing home costs. However, the program is asset and income based, and you will need to get your ducks in a row ahead of time for qualification to obtain this benefit. Couples and individuals are many times surprised to learn that their loved one can qualify for this wonderful benefit, even though they would appear to have too much in the way of assets. If your loved one has lost mental capacity at the time we start to work on qualification for Medi-Cal, the qualification process can become more difficult.  

You can also arrange a time for a free 15 minute telephone consultation to discuss these issues with elder law attorney, Michael J. Young, by going to

This information is not to be taken as legal advice, and you are encouraged to see your elder law attorney. At the Law Offices of Michael J. Young, at 1931 San Miguel Dr., Ste. 220, Walnut Creek, CA www.WalnutCreekElderLaw, 925-256-0298, we practice Elder Law and we help Baby Boomers and families through the Elder Care Journey. We help families with long-term care planning, asset-protection plans, comprehensive estate planning, wills, trusts and powers of attorney. We also help Baby Boomers and families get their “Ducks in a Row” in order help them qualify for Medi-Cal and the VA Aid & Attendance Improved Pension benefit.

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