Have You Checked In On Your Older Loved One Lately? “Driving”

Have you checked in on your older in-laws and parents lately? The holiday season affords a good opportunity for you to see them and observe how they are doing. Here are a few things you should consider when you see them.


If your older loved one is still driving, find an excuse to ride with them, and observe their behind the wheel skills. Check to see if there are any obvious dents or dings on their car. Do they miss signs and signals? Do they drive very slowly? Do they get lost easily? A client of mine told me that he recently rode with his 87 year old grandmother. I asked him how the experience was, and he told me that it was not good. My client said that in his opinion, his grandmother only had about 10% of the ability that is required to drive an automobile, and that she definitely should not be driving. He said that his grandmother would signal before changing lanes, but that she had no idea if there was anyone in the adjoining lane, and that she almost caused a crash on their ride. He said that she would not drive on the freeways or at night, which is good. He also said that she would only made right hand turns if at all possible.

These are all signs that it may be time to reduce the need for the older person to drive, if possible. You could suggest to them that in addition to not driving at night, that they should drive only during non-commute hours. You could also look into alternative transportation services for them, such as local buses, taxis and Uber or Lyft. Rossmoor has a bus, and there are dial-a-bus services available. If you have the time, you could offer to take your older loved ones to their errands and appointments.

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